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Y's Up! The Book

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A perfect tool for recent graduates, Y’s Up! 85 Tips from the Trenches to Help You Succeed in Today's No-Guarantees Job Market gives professionals insight to the soft skills you need to master for today's competitive workplace.

An easy-to-read reference, grounded in real-life experiences and providing real-life examples, Y’s Up! provides uncommon common sense tips that will help you increase your chances of success in the no-guarantees job market. 

Y’s Up! 
contains 85 tips that are easily read one by one or from cover to cover.  Each tip includes a detailed explanation of the tip, a “Real-Life Example” to show how the tip allies to real-life situations, and a “Takeaway” to reinforce the key point of the tip.

Here's an example:

The tips cover everything from mastering your expertise to the rules of office gossip, from giving compliments to stifling complaints.  Are you a clutch hitter, a whistle blower, a team player?  Do you know how to dress for success and give a proper handshake?  Covering politicking, behavior, attitude, and etiquette, this book’s 85 tips will remind you of those soft skills that separate the leaders from the pack.

Whether you’re a Generation Y’er at the start of your career or an experienced pro in need of a refresher course, from a large public company or a non-profit organization, in a mature market like the US or Western Europe or a rapidly expanding market like China or Singapore the tips translate easily across organizations, job type and status, and markets and cultures.  This is a book that will make a difference in your career … and your life.

Tips From The Trenches
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