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LA Times Festival of Books April 30 - May 1, 2011 Booth #094 Pepperdine University

WGY Interview May 13, 2010

KCBS Interview May 2, 2010  

KLBM/KBKR Interview April 28, 2010

Executive Reviews

Y’s Up! succeeds in describing real-world scenarios and how an employee can improve his or her chances of a promotion and salary increase.”
Phil Beaudoin, Former CEO Electro-Numerics, Inc. (Temecula, CA., USA)  

“It’s true…we all make daily ‘diagnoses’ of those whom we work with and it affects their upward mobility.  Y’s Up! explains how employee diagnoses are made and what you can do to maximize them in your favor.”
Sameer Tobaccowala, CEO, Shobiz Experiential Communications (Mumbai, India)  

“The price of this book is well worth the investment in your future.  Your first promotion should pay for this book hundreds of times over!”
Craig Tamlin, General Manager, Peoplefit (Perth, Australia)

“Every employee, especially those early in their careers, will benefit from the wisdom in Y’s Up!, enabling them to get ahead in today’s competitive workplace.”

Peter Scialdone, Founder, IBC, Inc. (Irvine, CA., U.S.A)

Reader Reviews

"I purchased this book for myself and my niece who just graduated high school and was headed to college. It contains very useful information on how to succeed in today's volatile job market and gives you common sense tips on how to stand out at work. The book is divided into clear and easy to read sections and includes real-life examples. It is organized in a way that makes it fun to read. I enjoyed the book so much, I bought copies for all my siblings. This makes a great gift for anyone who works in a corporate environment or young adult entering the work force. I highly recommend it!"

H. Parshall (Michigan, USA)

"Jim and Nicole have written a very easy to read and understand book that can help all first timers entering the work force and those that are already in the workforce who need reinforcement on looking to improve their worth to their current employer or a new employer. The book is also a must read by employers and human resource people. I highly recommend the book."

Neal Anderson (Fullerton, CA., USA)

Critical Reviews

"Overall, the authors provide excellent insight into the mind of a manager. Their book offers a unique perspective that could only be written by those who have been there. They provide the reader with detailed career advice, but more importantly, they create the mind-set of a person driven to succeed. With these tips, your career could go a long way."

Y Gen Out Loud

"This book of simple, straightforward job tips intends to help young professionals succeed, though experienced workers may find a few items that help them continue to achieve. It is apparent from the beginning that Simon and Simon are consummate professionals who have excelled in their workplaces and want to help others do the same. Their tips are clear and businesslike, down to the wording and tone, with illustrative examples that come straight from the office. They cover everything from the personal hygiene expected of professional people, to running a meeting, to getting individuals to invest in workplace decisions."

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Media Mentions

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