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Tips From The Trenches is presented by James J. Simon and Nicole D. Simon.  They have worked for more than a combined thirty years in organizations ranging from those designated as Fortune Magazine’s “Best 100 Companies to Work For” to non-profit organizations.  Their experiences in small offices and large offices and U.S.- and foreign-owned companies have helped shape their opinions of how to increase one’s value in an organization and maximize one’s contribution in making the world a better place. 

James and Nicole offer expertise in a pragmatic and straightforward way.  Relying on common sense principles, which seem to be lacking in many modern workplaces, and placing an emphasis on individual accountability and responsibility, James and Nicole provide a freshly traditional approach to succeeding in the modern work environment.  The culmination of their advice is presented inY's Up!™ 85 Tips from the Trenches to Help You Succeed in Today's No-Guarantees Job Market.

Y’s Up! is the result of a presentation that James gave to university students who were about to embark on their careers on important skills, attitudes, and behaviors not taught in classrooms or text books, that is Tips From The Trenches.  Based on the students' positive reception, James and Nicole decided to share these specific tips in a book, available in hard copy or eBook. 

Y’s Up! provides readers tips based on James' and Nicole's experiences and the advice they have been given in the business world—both domestically and internationally.  Their goal with Y’s Up! is to help young professionals wise up and be successful.  

Tips From The Trenches

Last updated May 18, 2018
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